Healthy and tasty fish hotpot in Shanghai

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Healthy and tasty fish hotpot in Shanghai

Shanghai is a cosmopolitan city which is thought as“all rivers run into sea”, nowadays, you can catch sight of featured restaurants from all over the world. Certainly,various flavors of restaurants, including the hotpot(well-known as Sichuan cuisine)from different parts of the country can also be found here.

Speaking of hotpot culture of China, as a folk and historical kind of food, the hotpot has already been accepted by not only the aged but also youngsters,especially if they gather and taste together, it might be a perfect way to communicate with each other. Although the local hotpot of Sichuan Province is thought as the most authentic, however, it is possible to taste authentic ones in Shanghai as well.


Recently, my friend and I went to a hotpot restaurant called “Xin La Dao fish hot pot” to have a taste.

To talk about that resturant,which keeps on advocating the new life style of eating hotpot, happens to hold the same view with the modern city people who pursue health ideas of life.The appearance and the environment of that resturant is pretty good, and also well received for its taste on internet.

My friend can not eat spicy food, but I prefer to hot food, so we chose the double-sided soup pot(one was red pike fish soup which tastes not so much hot and the other was full of tomatos).There were nearly 20 kinds of fresh vegetables to be chosen as you like. At the same time we ordered 2 bottles of mango and mesona juice which were frozen enough, suitable for drinking while eating a hotpot.When we were enjoying our hotpot, we obtained ice creams from the resturant unexpectedly!

It will be the winter soon, when you are in the cold temperature, I think it is a nice way to taste the hotpot in order to fend off the cold.If you come to visit Shanghai, please make the hotpot onto you list to have a try!



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